Опаковане в кутии

Създадена през 1893г., японската фирма Ishida изобретява първия в света многоглав тегловен дозатор. За периода 1985-210г. открива свои офиси и фабрики в Корея, Бразилия, Великобритания, Канада, САЩ, Малайзия, Тайланд, Индия и Виетнам. С годишен оборот от над 75 млрд. йени и над 3 000 служителя, Ishida заема едно от първите места по продажби на дозиращи машини и оборудване за качествен контрол.

Ishida's track record in tray sealer development includes many years of working in close co-operation with food manufacturers and retailers at the highest level. The result is a range of high-performance tray sealer machines, capable of handling packs of almost any shape, size, material or MAP application.

Ishida QX tray sealers deliver high-quality seals that help make consumer products more appealing. These include skin pack, Mirabella and slice packs. They offer freshness for an extended shelf life, excellent use of shelf space and also provide significant reductions in film usage.

Through their flexibility, speed, hygienic design and ease of operation, the Ishida QX range of tray sealers offer new levels of return on floorspace. Features include:

Sealing only, gas flushing or vacuum gassing options

On-line gas analysis of each sealing cycle, for precise control MAP specification

Designed for rapid changeover, with quick and easy tool change

Easy set-up and operation for maximum operator productivity

Total sealing solutions, with full range of ancillary equipment

Economical use of consumables and services



The QX-300 Flex tray sealer is based on tried and tested technology, which caters for the needs of the exciting, fast growing top seal tray market. This entry-level tray sealer model combines excellent seal integrity and pack presentation with flexibility, quick changeovers and user-friendly operation in a compact and hygienic design.

·  Various applications:ready meals, salads, fruit & vegetables, meat, poultry & fish, soups & sauces , snack & confectionery, toiletries, medical products, consumer and catering trays

·  High speed with a working speed of up to 8 cycles per minute, can pack up to 6 trays per cycle.

·  Flexibility and versatility

·  Fast product changeover

·  Sealing only, vacuum and vacuum/gas, as well as skin pack

·  Changes to the sealing tool and film can be achieved in just five minutes



Ishida's QX-775 Flex tray sealer has been specifically designed for the fresh food industry with the latest and unique hygiene features including self-draining surfaces throughout. 

Using a combination of a smart interfaces, the latest servo technology and clever mechanical design, the single lane system can be optimised to suit all product and tray types, trays and film materials. 

High precision sealing tools offer high quality pack and product presentation and can be designed to handle all types of sealing and MAP processes, giving the user full flexibility with an ever changing market.   Easy, operator-friendly tool changes using automated loading and motorised lifting trolley.

·  High-speed, user-friendly operation

·  Simple integration into any production line

·  Compatibility with board, plastic and aluminium trays

·  Optional fully-integrated checkweighing

·  Rapid tool changeover

·  Vacuum, gas & gas-flushing MAP options

·  Inside cut technology for aesthetic appeal

·  Shelf life extension

·  Excellent return on investment



Ishida's revolutionary QX-1100 Flex tray sealer offers high-capacilty single or twin lane models for optimum packing speeds. This tray sealer has exceptional control of both seal and modified atmosphere to deliver the highest possible quality, with maximum appeal to consumer and retailer.

The compact design, high speed of changeovers and high-capacity of the single or twin lane machines guarantee an excellent return on floorspace.

·  Seals up to 200 trays per minute

·  Full monitoring and control of MAP atmosphere

·  Lighter tool design and ‘reduced manual handling' system speeds up tool changeovers

·  Reduced downtime, owing to self-draining, easy-to-clean design

·  Compact footprint further increases return on floorspace

·  User-friendly, single control interface enhances ease of operation

·  Efficient tool design reduces air and gas consumption